The student was beaten to death, the bus driver was arrested


Assistant Masuk Ali Photo: Daily Ittefaq

The police arrested the bus assistant Masuk Ali (38), who was charged with killing the fourth year student of Sylhet at Wasim Tahsin University from a passenger bus. He is the son of late Daulat Ali from the Tegharia area in the municipality of Sunamganj.

Saturday afternoon, two days after mobile tracking was arrested by his father in the Singchapar village under the Singchap syndicate in Chhatak.

Police sources said Saturday morning a discussion with an assistant and driver with Wasim about the money was taken to Habiganj to Sherpur on Saturday morning on the Udar Paribahan bus from Sarisbari from Mymensingh. At one stage, the driver of the Wasim bus driver, along with two students, pushed the bus down in the direction of a bus instructor. During this time, Wasim and other disciples were severely injured.

Wasim died at around 4:30 pm after taking them to the Sylhet Osmani Medical College hospital. There was a storm and protests throughout the country, including Sylhet. The busy pupils burned on buses in different places. On the basis of classified information, the police, according to the instructions of the Police Directorate, Sunamganj Barkatullah Khan, managed to retain the assistant Masuk Ali from Singhapar in Chhatak. Previously, the bus driver was arrested.

The police supervisor said. Barkatullah Khan at a press conference at 15.30 said that on the basis of classified information, the attacker managed to keep Masuk Ali from his family in the village of Singhapair through a one-hour drive. In an early police hearing, he blamed the bus driver for the incident. He will be handed over to Moulvibazar District Police.

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