Monday , June 21 2021

The son of a rickshaw twin had a chance in healthcare

The sons of the twins of the autorickshaw car driver were given the opportunity to be admitted to the government medical school after completing the MBBS admission course.

These are Ariful Islam and Shariful Islam, the son of a driver authored by Billal Hossain from the village of Manra in Comilla in Manoharganj.

In the MBBS entrance test in the 2020-2021 academic year, Arif Mymensingh Medical was given the opportunity to take it in 622nd place and Sharif Chittagong Medical in 116th place.

These two deserving students told Jugantar, “We want to serve people by becoming doctors.” My father’s hard work, my mother’s care, and the cooperation of the teachers gave us the courage to learn. We all pray for blessings.

It was learned that Arif and Sharif at the SSC exam in 2016 got GPA-5 at Mandargaon High School noticed. With the help of the locals, he was admitted to the Comilla Government City School. From there, two also got GPA-5 in HSC. The younger brother of Ariful Islam and Shariful Islam studies in the Hifz part of the madrasa, and the younger sister in the 4th grade.

Although tears of joy were visible in the family after the announcement of the medical results, the emotional parents were worried about the cost of their education.

Billal Hossain, the father of these two deserving students who were given the opportunity to be admitted to medical school, is thrilled with the boys ’success.

The relentless strength of will showed them the path to success.

He said, “I drive CNG even after high school.” I don’t read financially anymore. I try my best not to stop their education like I do. I keep trying to educate them. I am now looking for the cooperation of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Local Government and the wealthy residents to continue with the cost of education for the boys.

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