The showroom "Toilov" was opened by Siam and Mim



Online Desk. In the capital, a new showroom of the fashion house "Tailov" was opened at the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. On Friday afternoon, the show room was officially opened by director Siam and filmmaker Bidya Sinha Mim. Heroes-heroes of this time, opening the exhibition space, cutting large cakes and cutting strips. Among others, Md Abdullah Hil Rakib, President Abdullah Heil Nakib, CMO Abdul Wadud, Director of Fahmid Islam and others were present at the opening of the tournament in Bashundhara. Ferdous Bappi, who performed this spectacular rite, Twelve people is primarily the twelfth organization of the Team Group. The total number of showrooms in the capital Twilova is six in the capital, Bashundhara. There are branches in Mymensinghu and Feni outside Daka. Tulel will soon start his journey to Bogra and Sylhet. After the opening of this popular hero-hero of Cinema Dake, visit the various products of the showroom. They said that the quality of children's clothing was standard from the beginning. The company offers 12 months of new design costumes. Believe in the tastes of Twilov who will give attractive color patterns in colorful colors at all festivals, including the upcoming Boishakh. In order to see Siam and Mima, hundreds of masses were gathered in front of twelve exhibition spaces. Many people also saw a shelf with their favorite stars. As a senior official of Twelfel Aktaruzzaman said, opening a Bashundhara exhibition space is a 20% discount. Here you will find jeans, women and children's attractive clothes for everyone.


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