The share of wireless power in the new iPhone?


The Japanese blog MacTacara has asked to add the function of the new iPhone. Chinese suppliers
According to the organizations, this blog posted a website, the website published this blog:

Apple's analyst Ming-chi Kuo said that this feature could be added earlier –
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In addition to the Power Share feature, camera and large battery updates can stay fresh
The iPhone also says the new charging cable and IWaid's 18-watt charging
The port can be entered. Although it does not appear to be using a USB-C port

Other functions for charging devices without it can be very useful. Apple is new
An example of a wireless charging for generating airbags can be charged with the iPhone.
Apple Watch can also be charged through this feature.

Already in
The wireless power supply was brought to Huawei Meite 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10
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