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The horse killed the criminals

The criminals killed the horse in this way. Photo Ittefaq

The horse was the only property in the world. Shahidul Islam leads a horse with a horse. The only source of his income was the transport of horses and horses. Based on this horse he headed a six-member family. Training of two children. Purchase drugs for old mum. Night in the night, dressed in a necklace, who and who killed!

Shahidul's claim that the opponents of the dispute over land disputes have long killed his horse.

The horse was property, property, dependency in the vicinity of the clothes. Appan in one word. He kept his horse with his hands every day. Regular use of the service. Lonely clothes have now lost an expensive horse

How will his family be? Cost of education of children? He's skeptical about this. The son of the late Maya Ali in the village of Barchona Gayen More Shahidul has come.

It is known that every day Shahidul sleeps on Saturday with his horse in a cabin. The horse could not be found when they were evacuated from the cattle on Sunday morning. You do not get any search.

The locals witnessed wearing a horse on a saddle in the social forests next to the house and seeing a horse. He went away and broke tears when he saw his beloved horse of the dead.

Shahidul complained: "There was a long conflict with the owner of Abdus Sattar, Abdul Halim, Zeta Nouk Mie and Harun's brother. They are the only means of my dying to kill a horse.

Shahidul Islam also said that he took 500 to 700 rupees a day with the transport of goods through the transport of horses. It's closed from today. If I said those words, Shahidul cried.

Her third-grade student, a happy and first-class student, did not get a horse and cried at a house cabin. Shahidul said: "They used to threaten me before. In addition, the horse-killing initiative was again accepted. I want the right to those who are involved in this incident. "

The complaint was mentioned at Sakhipur Police Station on Sunday afternoon when mentioning the names of these four.

Mizanur Rahman, a member of the local community, said: "The horse is an animal. There is no mistake in it. It's really tragic to kill an animal with a rope!

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Sikipur Ali from the police station Sakhipur said: "We received a written complaint about this. The incident is being investigated.

Ittefaq / Nuhu

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