The GNP will bring an action, irregularities


The decision of the party candidates at the video conference with Tarique Rahman

Chairman of the BNP Tarique Rahman. Picture files

The BNP will file a lawsuit before the High Court on allegations of irregularities in eleven parliamentary elections. Documents on the irregularities of one of the seats will be presented to court in all 64 districts. The BNP will form a legal team to fight the legal battle It is known that they will file the case on 15 February.

On Saturday, a decision was made to file a lawsuit with the Chairperson, Tarique Rahman, via Skype, with 60 candidates at the central office of the party. In addition, we are talking about moving to the movement for the emancipation of President BNP Begum Khaled Zia.

Barisal-1 candidate Zahir Uddin told Swapan Ittefaq: "We decided that on February 15, every candidate from all counties would file lawsuits on behalf of all." In addition, you can submit an example as much as you like. The parties will help everything.

Accordingly, in accordance with Article 33 of the Rules of Procedure of the electoral procedure – 2008, the electoral court can be sued within 45 days after the publication of the electoral list. On 11 January, 298 fruit seats were published in eleven parliamentary elections. It is time to submit the case by 15 February. The High Court of Elections will remain in effect until then.

According to sources, the party announced a program to file a lawsuit in the eleven national elections on 30 December, which claimed various irregularities, but the GNP finally returned. The case of the court was uncertain. However, after a series of discussions and reviews, the decision to file the case was finally taken.

One of the leaders of the party said that no matter how much the judiciary is biased, no one can deny the evidence they have given. In view of this, the BNP decided to make a symbolic case by promising the demand of leaders and general people.

At yesterday's meeting, 60 candidates participated in three groups separately. In this regard, almost every leader spoke about the elections and the forthcoming elections. They said that the process of robbery and fraud in the dark of night did not happen anywhere in the world. If they do not get justice from the judicial system, this case is important as national and international documents.

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One candidate said that one or more cases from 64 counties would be filed at the electoral court. Tarique Rahman instructed all candidates from each constituency to work together with the information.

Most of the candidates were present at the meeting, Hafizuddin Ahmed Birbhikram from Bhola, Zahiruddin Swapan in Barisal, Ruhul Amin Dulal from Piroipur, ABM Mosharraf Hossain of Patuakhala, Nitai Roy Chowdhury from Magure, Habibur Rahman Habib from Pabna, Nabiullah Nabi and Irfan bin Aman Omi from Dhaka, Shama Obaid from Faridpur.

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