The educational movement stops the teachers' movement


The educational movement stops the teachers' movement

In the press room, the Minister of Education said in the press. Dipu Moni Photo: Jugantar

After five days of interruption, teachers and employees of the Ministry of Education suspended the movement program in order to provide the Minister of Education. As of March 20, teachers stayed in front of the National Press Club with a Prime Minister in order to request an MPO offer.

At the time of the movement, at least 15 teachers were affected by various diseases, including a cold, aqueous vacuum.

The movement was postponed after a one-month ultimatum, according to the Sunday's Minister of Education's assurances. On Monday, ministers and secretaries of the Ministry of Education will meet with teachers.

Teachers said that teachers' leaders discussed this issue on March 22 with Higher Education Minister Sohrab Hossain. In this regard, at around 3:30 pm, the Minister of Education turned to the position of teachers at Kadam Fowar, located in the Press Club. During this time, senior officials of the Ministry of Education were present together with senior secretaries.

The then Minister of Education Dipu Moni said to the teachers: "I know about your distress. I also have information on how you live without respecting the MPO. A new educational institution for MPOfification has begun.

He said that we have already completed the application process. Since the activities of educational institutions of MPObiquity are linked to money, it therefore requires non-processing for implementation. It takes some time.

The Minister of Education said that the educational institution has the electoral manifest Awami League. I already spoke with the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. The new money will be allocated to the MPO in the next financial year. So you go home. Do not worry about frost under the open sky. We will try to solve your problems.

During this time, the Secretary of the Department of Central and Higher Education said that we hope that you will withdraw the program with the respect of the Minister of Education. Measures will be taken to fulfill your claim.

According to the Minister of Education, the organization, which was President Golm Mahmudunnabi, who appointed teachers, a non-MPO educational institution, said it was a debt to the Jugant. In the future budget, educational institutions will be included in the MPO. It will take a month to publish. He left the highway and urged teachers to return to their institutions and teach pupils. Therefore, the decision to withdraw the program with the confidence of the Minister of Education was taken at a meeting with teachers' leaders. Teachers' leaders have said that if demand is not reached in the next month, this will lead to heavy movement.

He also said that a meeting of a teacher delegation with the Minister of Education and the Minister of Education will take place in the Secretariat tomorrow (Monday). The meeting will be discussed in detail about the meeting with the Prime Minister.

It should be noted that on 20 March, educational institutions, other than MPOs, began to move in order to meet at the same time with the Prime Minister at the request of the MPO.

The next day, teachers began their journey in front of the National Press Club where they met with the Prime Minister at a meeting of the Prime Minister's Office. But the police prevented the barricades from Kadam Fowar.

Then there were other teachers and staff there. Several thousands of teachers and employees participated in the movement, which closed institutions from various educational institutions across the country.


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