The Balaaka Cinema in Eidu is new


The Balaka movie theater in Dhaka will be restored in the next Eid. We will be changing about 300 seats. The environment will be nicely decorated in the hall. Changes will be made outside the hall. The hall will be closed for the following year and a half for these reforms. According to the director of the cinema hall Sayyid Ali.

Said Ali said: "Since next Friday, we have decided to keep the Balak film hall closed, and at the end of the rosary there will be a reversed hall, during which time we will refurbish the cinema hall, and visitors will be able to see the new image of the Balak movie theater at Eid Eid.

Sajid Ali said: "We will replace the seats by about 300 seats in the cinema hall by changing the modern seats. The new tiles will be installed on the inner wall, and there are plans to change anything, which will cost half of the money.

Said Ali said that such changes continue to follow the time. He said: "Time has changed, the taste of the viewer has changed. We always changed the cinema hall by reflecting on the taste of visitors. The hall will be one step ahead. An eclectic person can watch movies in a wonderful environment, we want to give this environment.

Balaka Sinay World is one of the first halls in Dhaka. This hall has a lot of confidence and acceptance for cinema's viewers for modern equipment and good environment.

Ballaby has a Dolby Digital sound system. Although Bengali films are mainly shown, other language films, including English, are also occasionally displayed. The hall is air-conditioned. In addition, toilets, car parks and security measures are one of the first halls in the country.

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