Thursday , July 29 2021

"Suddenly I'm crammed and behind me …"

"Hoshag is also in Toledo." Actress Anupupa Chakraborty claimed to have sexually assaulted director Rosalova Pavel. On Thursday, Facebook talked about this story about about three years ago.

On a post on Facebook, he wrote: "A few years ago, in the audition formula with Pavel, the actress searched the actress Rosgaolo. Then Paul concluded it. Later they sat down with the script, the actresses went to Pavel's house Naktarla.

He also wrote: "I am disappointed with the hair covered with oil, the floating curtain and the make-up do not reach home (Pavel). There is a victim of sexual harassment. His behavior was clearly understood that I am a girl from a poor house.

"One day he suddenly caught me from the back and kissed me, and I ran away alone and left from there," writes actress

The claim about the marriage was expressed by Pavel, who even suggested that he marry without a marriage. Although director Pawel denied the charge. He believes that he has been charged with false accusations before publishing the film.

Pavel commented that if you were in the situation in 2016, why was it so long ago that nobody knew me, so it was easier said than the usual complaint. But then everyone is saying these things in silence and now before the photo is published.

In the meantime she was scared of the situation, fear was scared, she managed to give her the ballot from the situation.

In the context is Pavel, who has the picture "Gandhi's Father's Name". However, the director is "Rosagolle" became popular through the film. On the other hand, Birsa Dasgupta worked in the film "Kriskaar".

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