Thursday , May 13 2021

Stokes does not want to win the award "New Zealander of the Year"

World statistics Versatile Ben Stokes was nominated for the rare honor of the New Zealand government. But I do not want to make a prize. He claimed that he was not the original candidate for the Novozelandian of the Year award. That should be Captain Kiwi Ken Williamson.

Kiwis dreams of winning the trophy for the first time in the World Cup finals in cricket. The government of New Zealand then announced that only the rare English star born in that country would be awarded to a rare officer. But as Stokes is the Pak Williamson Prize.

He said: "This prestigious award does not match my name. Because in New Zealand there are so many people who are more responsible for this prize. I won the World Cup for England. I now live in Britain.

Stokes said: "Williamson must be respected as a legend of Kiwi." It's also the best in the tournament. He showed great humanity and patience through the World Cup. That's why he deserves a prize. I think that New Zealanders will be happy with this decision. "

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Ben Stokes was born on June 5 in New Zealand. Stokes was in Christchurch a few years after his birth. When his father Gerard moved to Cambria to train the rugby league, the whole family moved with him to England. At the age of 12, Ben returned to England.

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