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The newly elected President Recalled Abdul Alamadam demanded that the people from the MRO be accepted into the reception for the reception of people. Abul Kalam When he contacted Sunday night, he filed a claim to a mobile phone.

Abul Kalam said: "I went to the reception. The girls gave me flowers there. They suffered a lot because of me at the elections. For this reason, they became emotional, while they accepted me, I also went emotionally. So dressed.

In the first phase of the election she visited last week, the former leader of the BNP Md. Abul Kalam On March 22, he left for the reception of Mariparpar Union Noapara in the city. People of the Small ethnic minority live in this area.

Later, when he accepted the reception of people from the Mra community, Abul Kalam was accused of behaving with a woman in front of everyone. Social media is also viral on these images on Facebook.

The picture shows that one of the members of the Mro Group is caught up in front of everyone. It is understood the behavior of a woman, it is very embarrassing in her. Not only that they saw him trying to get away from the president. On the other hand, the president attempted to forcibly detain him.

Daytime A Bandarban representative confirmed the identity of the woman and said that the widow As the brother's brother was close to the local commander of the MNP, President Abul Kalam came to the reception from this site.

While Facebook spread pictures, many people criticized the president. Many people from a small ethnic group have tried to judge the president because they are harassing him against his will.

Meanwhile, Abul Kalam said he will hold a press conference on Monday afternoon.


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