Saturday , July 24 2021

Shakib is afraid of the Shakib ODIs

The T-20 Shakib Al Hasan test and captain were re-employed. A versatile driver was out of the one-day series in New Zealand. There are fears about the game in the Test series. In the BPL finals on Friday, Theser Perrera won Shakib's gloves. He was injured in the ankle injury on the left while he pulled the ball. After the game, he scratched his fingers. BCB statement "Bangladesh Test Captain Shakib was from the ODI series in New Zealand later this month due to an ankle injury while hitting the BPL final. BCB Debashish Chowdhury said that Shakib's finger injury was detected after scanning the game. the area can not be moved for about three weeks. "That means three weeks out of the box, Shakib should be outside the box. The one-day series against New Zealand will begin on February 13th. It will end on the 20th of February. Then the Test series will start. The first test will be held on February 28, and the second test will start on March 16, and the third test will begin on March 16. The fact that Shakib was rested for this period is the fact that the probability that he will only get one in the last Test series series is the option. But after the injury, the rehabilitation process and the fact that the possibility of playing in Shakib's final test is much smaller. Meanwhile, Akram Khan, BCB's head of the cricket team, said BCB was not yet complete due to Shakib's one-day team.
Shakib went to play a finger injury during the Asian Cup of the Year. From there he returned to the country through the middle. After having been away for a long time, he could not play in the Test and ODI series against Zimbabwe on the ground. Return to the field towards West Indies at the end of the year. Later, at the beginning of the year, he came to the ground to lead Dhako Dynamite in the 6th BPL edition. The upper part of the personal cap was exit from 23 doors in 15 matches. With 301 runs also in impact. In the final, his team lost to Comille Victoria. The tournament was the best in the tournament. And in the last game, misery is back. Prior to this, Taskin Ahmed, who was eliminated from a one-day series in New Zealand, suffered a foot injury. And this time the fakie went. Fakel injury has already suffered from Shakib. In a statement issued by the committee, which was excluded from the one-day series, he said during a rest period that Shakiba could not be found in the Test series. Already in New Zealand, the one-day team went into three-part series. After the first eight players, two more Yesterday, Mashrafe had to go to Shakib. But Akram said: "We have not decided yet. Yes, a little time is in hand. I hope I can decide tomorrow (today).

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