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Retired Salar 9 T-shirt, the other club jersey has withdrawn in this way?

9th T-shirt soon after grandma Sala (photo - Twitter)

In honor of the Argentine striker Emili Salar, who died in an air crash, the French club decided not to give anyone else a jersey. The ball was playing this shirt after her death, until she was nervous. What number of clubs, such as Nanti, have retired? Why or sent? Let's see!

Argentine striker Emilio Sala was one of the fastest and most successful in the D-box. From the corner of the attack, when a team player with a cross in a debbox or a target climbs, throws the ball into the opponent's net. The last cycle of his life also crossed the cross in this way. In this season he scored 12 goals in 19 games and scored 12 goals this season. As a result, Salar scored 48 goals in 144 appearances in his career, and Cardiff City, England, wanted to join the team. On entering Cardiff City, the attacker decided to retire the assault number of the attacker who died in an accident.

Not only this, but many clubs have retired the jersey number that the players played in honor of their former players. It is considered that a player who did something for the club by the number of these numbers is not possible. Or some, like Nanto, have just retired the jersey number to honor their dead players, regardless of whether the player should do this for the club. Let's see that some clubs in modern football sent retirees to retirement and what was the reason for retirement.

Manchester City and Lens
Manchester City suffered pain due to a loss of a player like Manchester In the 2002-03 season Manchester City's club club with the Cameroonian midfielder Mark-Vivienne Foe for the second time in the club, Leo won the number 23 shirt. For the city he played very well, scored There are 9 results in 35 matches. Cameroon was also an important part of the national team, and the team led the team to the semester of the half-hour Confederations Cup. During the semi-final match against Colombia he fell to the ground in 72 minutes. Doctors who try to get out of the field outside the field of carriers and try to get a feeling of 45 minutes, but they have not succeeded. Falling from the heart of the football field, take the ball off the field. City rescues T-shirt 23 in honor of FO The former club Lancerji sent a retirement to the 17th Jarissite due to their T-shirt.

West Ham United
Legendary English centerback winner of the World Cup Bobby Moore has played in West Ham, most of his time in his career. After the death of Moore, number 6 was dressed in the West Ham exhibition. The young striker in Australia, Delan Tombaides, who missed the world, decided not to give jersey 38 and anyone else.

Do you remember Dani Jark? Andrés Iniesta showed love to his dead friend Jark, who opened the jersey in the 2010 World Cup final. Iniesta played with Jark in Spain's age group, from the start of friendship, after Iniesta went to Barcelona, ​​and Barcelona fell in love with Espanyol, Zark, where she played to her death. In 2009, when talking to a girl by telephone, Zark, who had a heart disease, died immediately. Aspaniol, who resigned from Zarq, has resigned from jersey number 21.

Real Betts
In 2011, Spanish defender Mickey Rookie contacted a doctor in the framework of a regular medical examination. Liverpool, when the defender is diagnosed with cancer in the intestines. Although legends, such as Carles Puyol, came to treatment with Rukki, but did not get any benefits. He lost one year after a fight with cancer. Bettias sent 26 years of retirement in honor of Rookie.

Junior Junior star Junior Malanda died in a car accident in 2015. At that time, he played for the German club Wolffsburg. After the death of Malandera, the club decided to retire after retirement.

Kaliarije and Fiorentina
Italian Centerbach Davydetto died of a heart failure last night. Calderie and Fiorentina, the former two clubs of Asotouriya, decided to keep the 13th jersey in the show in honor of the legendary Italian league.

In 2004, Hungary's Miklos Fehr fell into the game for Benfico. In honor of Fehr, there is no jersey for 29 in Benfiqu and no one else.

Beijing company
The Ivy Coast will be well-known to Premier League fans. In Beijing, Beijing's Beijing Enterprise, which took eight years to play for Newcastle United in 2017, was the star that died from heart failure when it was practicing before the game. The Beijing-based company is honoring him under the number 24.

FC Bethlehem Bethlehem
Peter Beacsangjuala, the Indian attacker of Bethlehem, died after celebrating his goal. Bethlehem decided not to give the number 21 and nobody in his honor.

Orlando Pirates
In 2014, the robbers shot the goalkeeper of the South African team Senzo Meiwa. His club Aurlando Pirets, who withdrew under no. 1 in his honor,

She was about to send a pension number to the club racing to honor the dead players. Is the club a legend. Javier Janeetti (Inter Milan, Jersey N ° 4), Zia Chinto Fatchti (Inter Milan, Jersey) Number 3) Rogerio Cheney (São Paulo), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan, Jersey number 3), Franco Barassi (AC Milan, Jersey number 6) Jersey number 10), Roberto Bazio (Brasilia, Jersey 10), Fernek Puskas (Honved, Jersey 10), Louisiana Diego Maradona (Napoli, Jersey No. 10), Johan Cruyff (Ayax Amsterdam, Jersey number 14), Pele York Cosmos, Jersey No. 10), Henrik Larson (Helsingborgs, Jersey number 17), Dario Sarna (Shakhtar Donetsk, Jersey 33), Gianfranco Jola (Chelsea, Jersey 25), Alessandro Lucarelli (Perma, Jersey number 6). On May 14, the Liberian national team sent for retirement in honor of George Wah for the best player of their history. Now WAH has been successful in politics, like the president of Liberia.

In addition, there are many clubs that consider their supporters to be twelve players. For this reason, many clubs have sent retired pensioners to number 12 in honor of their fans. Among them are: Bayern Munich, Barussia Monchengladbach, Atlanta, Genoa, Lascios, Parma, Palermo, Turin, Fenyard, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Zenit St. Petersburg, CSKA Moscow, Portsmouth, Wreemar Bremen, Flamengo, Atletico Miniro, Sparta Prague, Gainck, Lens, Rangers, Red Star Belgrade, FC Basel, Basic, Fenberbach.

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