Saturday , July 24 2021

Request for payment of 100 million Tk for Jahalam

The human chain of the organization called the Samailit of Social Movement in front of the National Museum in Shahbak, Dhaka
This is a request from.

In the human chain
A professor at the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Dhaka spoke about solidarity
Robayet Ferdous

He said, "In the trial against corruption, the innocent Jahalam from his life and from his family
He has been deprived for the last three years. His highness in the history of mankind
They will be memorable.

I think his abduction of his family for inhuman treatment for 3 years, his compensation
10 crore will be awarded to the Anti-Corruption Commission. "

Narsingdi was recently released after being imprisoned for three years in the Anti-Corruption Commission
A jute worker will make a mistake.

The official proved that the defendant had arrested the Yahlam by mistake when he identified the defendant.

President of the Social Movement Ziauddin Tarek Ali said: "The state and the ACC do not exist
A frivolous and inhuman behavior on them can not be avoided. We have this injustice against ignorance
We demand legal remedies. "

On meeting
The declaration reads Mamunur Rashid, secretary of the financial organization.

In it
It is said, "as an ACC for the murder of innocent ignoramus and for three years in prison."
As a national institution she wonders, just like Sonali Bank and a citizen
How the organization set up Jahalam as a criminal instead of Sailak is ours
It's not understandable. There were many questions about this issue in front of people. "

That is
In the case of the main defendant, Jahalam was formed as part of the process he held
The social movement demanded the punishment of the culprits, examining whether the social movement was not or not.

In the human chain
President of the Supreme Court of SM Sabur, a joint movement of the movement
Secretary General of AK Azad, Sanwar Hossain Samchi, Organizing Secretary Jahangir Alam Sabuj
Except that.

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