Saturday , July 24 2021

Real Madrid two numbers

At the end of the final at the Wanderer Metropolitanan Stadium on Saturday, Real Madrid beat Atletico Madrid with 3-1 goals in a 10-player team. The best team in the league place in second place was the second highest ranked team in the tournament. In September, it was a match between teams in Santiago 1-1. Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bell, the other two goals from Real.
The referee has played Fowl flute at 37 times; Atletico is 21, Real 16 The referee showed a total of 11 yellow cards. In an eight-year lead, Thomas Mart fired the cross in the 80th minute and left the field with a second yellow card. Atletico could not fight until the end of time in less time.
Bell got a golden opportunity to end uncertainty after seven minutes. But Karim Benzemar's cross spit into his head, he missed his head and found himself in his lap. On this day, Real Madrid started well with Real and Real. Atletico did not postpone the opposite answer. But Diem Simeon's team could not stop emerging city opponents. Casemero made the team in the 6th minute of the game with a spectacular goal. When corner defender Tony Crusher does not compromise his opponent, a Brazilian midfielder defeats the goalie on a small bikini shot, where he gets the ball in a small box. Five minutes later, the distance could be doubled. But Vicissus Junior's passing hit D-box's face Lucas Vasquez.
After 25 minutes, the home side was awarded a free kick. In the middle of a mile, lift the ball from the venecias feet and increase the Anhele curer to the athuan grismanake. Fast forward to Cassimiro and Bhaneye, after entering the D-box, goalkeeper Thibo Cortova sent the ball to the ball to send the ball to the world championship where the Frenchman won. This is his 11th goal in the current league.
Two minutes later, Huff-Volley Grisman's Half-Volley was missed. After 31 minutes, a couple of quick and successful challenges followed by a shot from just outside the penalty area. In the 43rd minute, Ramos' city again returned to the right. If the Uruguayan defender Jose Hymnas fails for Viêncius in the Deck Box, then the judge played a criminal flute with the help of VAR. This is the sixth goal of Real Captain in this league. In the eight minutes of the second half, in front of the center, the ball was underlined by the team, which increased the control of goalkeeper Altek Alvarom Morato. However, the Spanish attacker was in the offside, without the assistance of the referee, with the help of VER. During the battle of the attack and the counter attack, the elimination of the body language of the duo players also spreads excessive tension. In the 58th to 72th minute, the referee showed six yellow cards. Of these, there are four Atlético. In the 58th minute, the young Brazilian car Venecius gave Naiku the ball. He shared the confidence of the coach by increasing the gap in the 74th minute. Concino in the de-box Luca Madrid scored a goal for Wales ahead. The points of Real Madrid were 45 points out of 23 matches and the other in three drawings. Atlético points to number three, 44 Barcelona is at the top with 50 points to win.

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