Rakhi is a transvestite!


GO News 24 | Entertainment Reporter: Posted: Nov 6, 018, 09:12

Rakhi is a transvestite!

Sharp AC

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant A few days ago Tansheeri filed a complaint. The complaint was raped. She said she was once raped or raped several times. This time Tonyushree Dutt responded to the complaint.

In an interview with All India Media "Zoom" Tanushree claimed that Rakhi Sawant is transit, many industries know this matter.

In addition, Tanushree said, Rakhi Sawant. I'm not looking for any quarrel with you. You can say what you want, I hear with one ear, and I will give you another ear with your own words. Excessive with you means tackling with sewage. A real pig enjoys this.

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