Physical work at the Purbachal Stadium is in winter


Sports Rapporteur: With the latest facilities, the plan to build a stadium in Purbachal is long. Stadiums in Europe will be built in the style of art of art. The first meeting of the project implementation was organized to build the desired complex of the stadium.

Although the plans and outline of the construction of the stadium in Purbachal are far ahead of us, the meeting discussed the start of the meeting. Mahbub Anam, Vice President of BCB, spoke about the progress of the visible work.

"The physical capacity of the stadium will not be performed before the winter season. BCB has already produced a conceptual drawing. We have expanded and we have plans for the rest of the wardrobe. The BCB committee has already decided that there will be a stadium and that it will be an academy. This means that we get two fields. BCB decided to do this. We have 37 hectares of land, we thought about what is possible there. We must continue in the same way as we have an architectural design.

BCB began with various activities for introducing a modern complex of stadiums. Referring to them at the first meeting on the implementation of the project, Mahbub Anam said: "How we plan to make this plan, he described it, we will include more exterior in this board. BUET representatives From those who carried out the audit, we will continue to work with representatives This month we will work on the ground When I get to the position I will speed up my work. Those who have built stadiums of international standards will be arranged in an international process to connect their consulting company. through a transparent process.

Risingbd / Dhaka / April 13, 2011 / Shamim


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