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Noor demands re-election, class boycotting … 748306 Kaler Kantho

Newly-elected Vice-President Dakshue (HR) Nurul Haque Noor has demanded the re-election of the Student Parliament of the University of Dhaka (DUCSU) and Parliament.

On the other hand, the one-day boycott program in the classroom demanded a five-time request for vice president Arani Semanti Khan from an independent alliance.

On Sunday afternoon, Noor has demanded a re-election by a press conference at Canton Madur at the University of Dhaka.

Nur said that if general students want me, I will be responsible. I do not want.

She said that the Prime Minister is the highest person in the country. I went to Ganobhaban out of his respect. I went to Ganobhaban with the leaders and workers of my organization.

In the meantime, the boycott committee will convene a meeting on Monday to boycott courses and sit tomorrow in front of the deputy's deputy's cabinet. The announcement was made at a special press conference.

The demands are: cancellation of elections in Dux, re-election, chancellor's resignation, withdrawal of charges and trial of attackers.

Announcement of the program on behalf of the boycott election committee, vice-president, Aaron Semanti Khan, from the independent alliance.

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