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Mozammel goes to New Zealand for a loan of 20 lakhs – The Daily Amader Shomoy

How are you, Mom? Eat-dawa is doing it right? I'll come to the country in the next Ramadan, mother. "On Tuesday, these words were told by Mojpel Mojammel Haque Selim of Chandpur's mother from New Zealand.

But her mother's face was no longer seen, Mozamell.

On Friday, he was brutally murdered in a terrorist attack during a Friday prayer study at the Al Nur Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In the meantime, the news of the death of Mozamel came as a shadow of mourning among family members and locals. Mujammel was younger than two sisters and three brothers. Everyone is too busy to lose a younger brother. On the other hand, Salim's mother can not accept anyone's return to the country without accepting Mom Zamilo Khatun.

The deceased was identified as Mozammel Chandpur, the son of late Habib Ullah Miajir from the village of Hur Misha from the Matlab South Khaderago Association.

Mozammel crossed MBBS from the Dhaka Marx dental hospital and received Visa Visa 2015 for New Zealand. She worked as well as worked at the local medical faculty.

Mozamell's mother, Jamila Khatun, said: "Last week my son called and asked me. I want to eat and drink right. But since Friday there is no communication with him. I called her, I can not find him. "They spoke the words and she mourned." He then begged his son to return to his chest. He said, "Let my father's body return."

Mozamel's elder brother Abdul Malek said: "My brother disappeared after the attack of the mosque. On Saturday night, Mojibur Rahman, a friend of emigrant Mozamel from the New Zealand region of Chandin in Comilla, said that we did not live with our brother. He said that the place died in a local hospital.

Abdul Malek also said: "My father died in 2001. We learned to teach our brother how to deal with a lot of problems. In 2015 he sent two lakh lacs from the Matlab Narayanpur branch to New Zealand to study it. But my brother finished studying and did not come back to us. How to repay the burden of such a large debt? "He demanded exemplary justice for his brother's murderers.

President of the Khalidgaon union Union Parishad Syed Manzur Hossain Ripon Peace from Matlab South She said: "Mozammel had many problems, he made a loan from the bank, and his brothers and sisters raised him. Their financial situation is not so good. Therefore, the government requested financial assistance to their families. In addition, arrangements were made for Mozammel to return soon to the country.

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