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Minhajul-Habibul Select committee will break?


Minhajul-Habibul, two selectors will come to an end? Image: Prothom-alo Minhayul Abedin is supposed to travel to Sri Lanka. Suddenly the ticket was canceled by the main selector. There is no selector on this Sri Lankan tour. He could never eat the scene. A few days before the World Championship and was part of the nirbacakai England team.

Sources say that BCB did not want to send Minhajula to Sri Lanka for another reason. His chances of extending the mandate at the committee meeting are small. BCB wonders if Minhajul is no longer a major selector, what will happen with sending to Sri Lanka! However, Akram Khan, head of the BCB Cricket Committee, said: "The cancellation of the ticket has nothing to do with the expiration of the main picker." The "A" team plays in the country. BCB wants to watch the game. But yes, about the performance of the selectors will be discussed at this board meeting. Regardless of whether it will prolong their duration, the committee's decision will be final. In no way can I say anything. "Before that, you can not say anything about the term of the selectors.

Both selectors did not want to talk about this. However, they are also aware that the whistle at the end of the selection board has disappeared. The director of BCB said that the committee wants to change the selection board. Minhajul has been a picker for more than half a time. Minhajul became the chief selector when Farooq Ahmed withdrew in the 27th century. Habibul is also a selector for more than half a year.

The success of the Bangladeshi team under this panel is not the least. There are many unforgettable victories, lots of debates. There was little debate about the involvement of some players in the World Cup team or the tour in Ireland. The management of the team is dissatisfied with the latest tour in Sri Lanka. Today, Shafiul Islam was included in the team. Why is the sudden introduction of another point in the sub-continent? Taskin Ahmed and Farhad Razor were very unhappy with running the bowling team in the last two days of training and preparation. The management of the team therefore considered that a second option was needed. If there is a need to pay extra in the middle of the tour, the selectors did not think that this was the beginning of the party elections?

If the BCB selection panel changes, who comes as a new selector. The present electoral committee will not be extended or closed, it must be final.

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