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Microsoft Removal of Icon Games – Microsoft


October this year
Microsoft's Excloud XBOX streaming service can be started. Old internet
The company will now focus on creating a game for this platform without excluding the game
News from IES

The agent and Windows Gaming team member M. Hammer said in his blog: "Windows XP
Microsoft Internet Gaims will end on July 31, 2019 and Windows 7
The service will stop in January 2020 by 2020. "

Such steps are dealt with by partner organizations of hardware and software
They want to use several new technologies with the workforce.

"This section is about
We are sorry to leave behind to bring interesting and interesting playing experience
It'll work. We hope that you and Microsoft will be great
Join the community in the game. "

Excluded in October
When starting the XBOX streaming service, the customer must play 3500 xbox one library
Give the opportunity In addition, over 1900 games are made for devices, such as phones and tablets
The report mentions the report.

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