Massacre in a house in Tangail in more than one place at night


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His wife was raped while hanging her husband in neighboring Lakespara near the new bus terminal in Tangail. Many women raped a woman in more than one city in the city. On Saturday morning, police arrested two women on Saturday and arrested a woman from the Porbandan area at Porangan Primary School.

In the morning, he was admitted to the OneStop Crisis Center at General Hospital Tangail. After the woman's solution, the police raided and arrested four others who were involved in rape. Three detainees gave confidential statements to the judge on Saturday night.

The police said that the woman worked in garment factories in Mirzapur. Her husband is a construction worker in the area. Reported 10 months ago. On Friday night, the woman returned to Mirzapur's post from the Kalihati's mother house with her husband. From Kalihati to CNG, they arrived at a new bus terminal in Tangail, around 22:00, with auto rikes. Then the husband of a woman called his husband and continued to stab him. On the other hand, some women were forced to rape a woman with fear of being forced into the lake. Then change hands and replace the place.

They handed the woman over to the other side. They were raped in the Kodalia area. A woman's husband escaped Bakhtad at 12am and said that the Tangail Sadar police station opened an OC case. Four police teams later distributed the city and arrested six women who participated in the attacks on women.

They are threatened by Yusuf, son of Alamgir Hossain of Kondaliya, Rabiul Islam Robin, son of Abdur Rashid, Mofiz, son of Fazlu Mia, Tanzirul Islam Tashin, son of Rakibul Islam, Jahidul Islam, son Deolar Abul Hossain and Imon, son Badsha Mia from Baite Beta Mia .

Police officer Tangail Sadar Saidur Rahman said: "When we learned of the incident, six people were arrested during the operation, and Yusuf, Robin and Mophiz were caste. The operation is being carried out for the arrest of two colleagues, named Ujjal and Hasan.

The General Hospital Hospital Officer Tangail Narayan Chandra Saha said: "Gynecologist Dr. Zakie Sultana, a three-member committee, was established. At first, the issue of rape was clear.

In the meantime, the victim's husband filed a lawsuit against Tangail Sadar police station and charged eight people, including escaped indictees and Hasan, with eight defendants in the case. He demanded an exemplary punishment of the defendant.

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Mosharraf Hossain, in charge of the Sadar investigator, said: "The Tangail prosecutors were sent to court on Saturday afternoon, three of them confessed to the verbal statements. They are Yusuf, Rabiul Islamic Robin and Jahidul Islam. Six suspects were sent to jail. In addition, female rapists described the incident in Section 22 in detail and made a statement to the same judge in court.

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