Mars is gathering in world culture


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<p><strong>How did the Martial procession begin?</strong> <br />Professor Abul Bark Alvi of the University of Dhaka Institute of Fine Arts said that this procession has been regular since 1989. However, it was first seen in Jessore in 1985, where students of art were involved. <br />Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and one of the entrepreneurs for the beginning of the Nisar Hossain procession joined the teacher in 1989. He said that students of the first year of 1985-86 were entrepreneurs of the first Marine Rally. He said that they did some work in the flood of 1988. At that time, their classmates supported the Parliament. Teachers were left behind, and all the work was done by a student initiative. <br />Nasar Hossain, who recalled the incident, said: "At that time, the movement towards Ershad was at its peak, when Sanghit Sangskritik Jote attempted to bring everything to the platform. After every effort, he tried to present it as a major effort. One is to emphasize that we have a tradition, where secularism gained visibility. The other thing is that at the same time, due to the anti-autocratic movement, it has gained a different dimension.<br />The ingredients used to decorate this art fair are taken from different types of toys in folk art. In addition, horses, nakshi chess, flowers, butterflies, people, nature, are caught in the procession. According to Nissar Hossain, the main reason for the recognition of the UNESCO is that this is not only a community, but people throughout the country, people all over the world. There's a lot of humanity here.</p>
<p><strong>UNESCO recognition</strong> <br />UNESCO estimated the procession as a symbol of courageous struggle for the people of Bangladesh in establishing true, fair and well-being against injustice and disasters. Regardless of the religion of religion, unity in the same consciousness of all people in the country, the role of participating in the rally, Mars played an important role in recognizing the recognition of UNESCO. In 2003, UNESCO approved a compromise agreement to preserve the important cultural heritage of various ethnic groups around the world, that is, cognitive cultural heritage. Accordingly, they have taken the initiative to preserve the cultural traditions of different countries of the world. Traditional cultural cuisine, such as Pahele Baishakh Festival, is at the heart of many ethnic groups in the world. If the countries signing the agreement are considered to be UNESCO's recognition, then the agency recognizes this matter as a world heritage. Due to the recognition of UNESCO, cultural material at the World Court is well established. This means that, due to this recognition, it is accepted that the birthplace of this particular cultural component is a specific state.</p>
<p>In accordance with the rules, the signatory countries may apply to UNESCO every year to recognize the cultural component. In 2014, Bangladesh Peal called on UNESCO to accept the Baishakh Martyrs Prize. The main task of recognition is "Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage". Following some of the steps reviewed, the rally was held on November 30th last year at the 11th Committee meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With this recognition, the Mars procession is an integral part of the world's cosmopolitan cultural heritage.</p>
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The parade is without patronage
Another special aspect of the Mars process is that no commercial organization supports it in the organization. Nisar Hossain said: "The main source of the organization of the Mars procession is that many people of art, teachers, students, or artists get their money by selling their paintings. In the sense of not everyone is not in a single sense. Among those promoted by UNESCO, it is also the fact that we do not implement this program with a single donation.

Previously, masks were used at the auction to be used in a rally or different materials. The money that was available from there would have been spent on the next rally. Nisar Hossain said: "Later they thought that if we started this work a month ago, then the work became easier. Since that month before the artwork began to sell. It's still going on.
Abul Barak Alvi said: "We wanted our students to be involved in this. That's their. So it was not given to any commercial organization. The granting of a commercial organization's hand could have more brilliant business. But when these banners were more prominent, the main thing is that people do not understand that art is art. Thus, money is collected from student fees.

Prof. Syed Azizul Haque of the Bangla Department at the University of Dhaka has long identified the slogan of the Mangal procession. "I do not remember when I started right now. This slogan was the slogan" Anandaloka is the best thing with Mangalok. "
Preparing for the announcement of true and beautiful expectations in the Zuneul Art Gallery. On Wednesday, there was a hand holding a colorful puff. Scraping the mask, removing them. Tigers, elephants, horses, boats, birds, chickens, two-headed ducks are made by someone. Teachers, students work tirelessly on their shoulders. Alumni also came to work. Some were selling, selling masks, paintings and some artwork. The cost of this procession is in the sense that the artwork is sold. Student, named magister photography and mastering the graphic design department Hamid Bhuiyan. He said that since March 19 they are working on the Mars rally. Some artworks will be used in the rally. Some images are sold. From there, the costs of the procession will come from the rally.
Faria Mim, a student of the first year of Oriental art, also painted in various materials. He said that when he did not read it, he came to see them. It's just work. He said: "I'm doing my good work now. I also encourage the elders. It's so fun.


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