Monday , March 8 2021

Khaled Zia's appeal against suspension and security

President BNP Begum Khaled Zia has appealed to the Supreme Court against the Zia Verdict. The complaint was postponed and a security was requested. Today, on Sunday, the appeal was filed in the relevant branch of the High Court, the secretary of the BNP Barrister Kaiser Kamal.

He said that in this case Khaled Zia was punished and punished unlawfully and unfairly. We apologize for this sentence. The hearing will take place at the hearing of the hearing and the application for the payment of a security for this appeal in this department of the High Court this week.

Khaleda Zia was sentenced to seven years rigorous imprisonment in the Zia Charity Trust case on October 29, Daka's Special Judge Court-5. The judgment states that it is never possible to want the case set by the state government in the highest state power and the example set by the collection of illegal money for the benefit of private confidence.
Lawyers Khaled Zia get a full copy of the judgment on Wednesday 638 pages. The Bar Association, which is in charge of the Khaled Zia case, appealed to the High Court in order to judge the judgment for four days in 24 legal arguments.

It was said that the Zia Charitable Fund was managed by the Administrative Fund of 1882. Therefore, it is not possible to bring an action under Article 5 (2) of the Anti-Corruption Law of 1947. The complaint states that the leaders of the party and workers paid money in charity compliance. It's not an abuse of power in collecting money. But Khaled Zia was convicted on appeal under Article 5 (2) of the Act. It was not right by law. For this reason, the demand for penalties is sought. Meanwhile, ACC Khurshid Alam Khan counselor told reporters that we are ready to complain if the hearing is on the bench.
In connection with two cases of corruption, Khaleda Zia was sentenced to 17 years in prison. In the case of the Zia Orphanage Trust case, the court granted him a ten-year sentence for seven years and a case for the charity fund. Since February 8, he was in prison after being convicted.

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