How many Alliance seats leave the coalition?


The process of selecting candidates has begun for the upcoming general elections. Two major political alliances. However, since many such candidates expect more than one nomination in many seats, the alliance alliance of the Alliance also wants to be candidates. How is the problem of distributing seats in the two Alliance challenges becoming?

On Sunday, the BNP began to hold talks with candidates and discussing the distribution of seats with its two allies.

Alliance partners want more than a hundred seats. However, after reviewing the situation, the BNP wants to complete the candidate, said the permanent member of the committee, Nazrul Islam Khan.

She says we will complete the candidate later. Because we have allies, we have to discuss with them. According to the RPO, the nomination was nominated on the last day of the cancellation of the nomination.

Although the whole thing seems to be a challenge, it would be hard to be so.

Explaining the reason, says: "The Alliance has already elected me. On one topic we all agree that we will try to nominate a candidate who is actually acceptable, who is more likely to win, in the group in which he is."

"If a smaller party is a more qualified candidate, who is more likely to win, he can get more nominations. Once again, if there is a large group, you can drop them."

The GNP will have to split the cities with the leaders of the front of national unity, which are just before the 20-party alliance.

The other BNP partner, Jamaat-e-Islami, is not registered with the Election Commission, but a party in the election will participate in the GNP. However, they will use the BNP's symbol or choose an independent symbol. Nayeb Amir Mia Golam Paurawar, Jamaat-e-Islam, says: "If we talk about the debate, the Bergenging issue will secure our seat. We have created a list of 50 seats. Explain why our candidate should be there.

However, he says: "Since the number of parties is more than that, this can be something of the Alliance's interest on the basis of the debate. After discussion it will be concluded."

But the party leaders can not use the Jamaat name or symbol because they are not registered. They should therefore use the symbols or symbols of any group. Group leaders are now discussing this.

If you look at the list of candidates for the leaders of the two main parties, many leaders of the same party were nominated in a number of constituencies, but the leaders of the Alliance also expressed interest in the candidates.

As a result, the completion of the candidate can create complexity between the great two allies, many leaders are afraid.

A joint party, a coalition partner of the Alliance, said they were discussing a solution to resolve this issue.
Sunil Shuva Roy, a member of the party's presidency, said: "The division of seats will be set at the table. In fact, we have elections in 300 seats. Now, if we need to choose a coalition, then where and where we have a good candidate in the headquarters will be decided by debates with the Awami League. "

The ruling Awami League hopes for the all-round basis of all seats, where the ruling party is ready to give 60 to seventy seats. However, Awami Mahbub ul Alam Hanif, the head of the league, feels fear of tension.

He says: "There is no tension here, because our President has already said that the allocation of seats will not be based on the number, it will be based on the possibility of winning elections, which is why it is not so big, it is not so big. The seats will be distributed on the basis of data on the number of seats, which can be won by the client. "

He has not yet decided how many seats will be left to the party, he said.

Hanif says: "Our Secretary General, Obaidul Quader, has previously said that in the division of seats with partners, fourteen parties, Jatiya's parties from the Great Alliance, newly established United Fronts, several groups, including replacement quarters, taking into account all 60 to 70 allocated seats. "

According to the schedule, the application form will be submitted by 28 November. However, there is a possibility of withdrawal until 9 December. The general election will take place on December 30th.

The leaders of both allies said that in each constituency more than one person would be asked to submit candidature papers to the parties. Except for those who will receive the last candidature of a party or coalition, it will be proposed to withdraw.


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