Ferdous wants to be coach of Jahanar


The famous hero of the film, Dake Ferdous, Ahmed Toda, also signed Bollywood and Bollywood with his acting talent. For his performance he received several national awards. He has a lot of dreams about the film Ferdous recently told another dream. He wants to lead the head coach of Bangladesh Women's Cricket.

Surprised? I do not think Ferdous has ever played cricket or ball. How will he become coach? Yes, in fact, such an event is impossible immediately. However, the hero accurately said the will, but he is not real. If she wants to play the role of coach of the team, then she will play the role of coaching staff of women's cricket team Bangladesh.

According to Ferdous, I heard from a story about the life struggle of women's cricket. The stories touched me. I met them on several television shows, including CTV. They're all fighter. After so many fights, Bangladesh still displays the world map. One wins for another. So I think we should be film about them. "

Ferdous is busy with his work "Gangchil" and "Jam". Nayeem Imtiaz Neamul runs two films. Not only that, Ferdous's heroine in her two paintings is her favorite friend Purnima. Among them is developing "Gangchil" on the basis of the novel "Gangchil" of the Minister for Road Transport and the work of Minister Obaidul Quader.

DhakaTimes / 5 November / AH


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