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"Ek Din" was published on Women's Day


Desk Showbiz: The film was released on March 8, World Day, Ek Ek. The confirmation of film director Muhammad Mostaf Kamal Raja Pevec and actor Tahsan and her hero Kruktan Shrubanti linked this film for the first time on the banner of the production house Bengal Multimedia Limited. Every time a woman leaves a meeting and a seminar, it is very important that a commercial photo is released or requested on that day. On this special day, the Bin Laden movie Ek Din was released. On January 31, the film is licensed by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board. The answer to the question of why the film was chosen to release the mother's day on the theme of World's Day of Love, creator Raj said: "See the story of a movie is love, no doubt. The film could be released on Valentine's Day. But we have more than anything to love love Before the film, I should not say anything about the story before. But I think I could publish the film on the World Women's Day, "said Syed Ashik Rahman, Chief Executive Officer film and producer of RTV, "we all have to take part in the development of the film, this is the first picture of our productions, and our initiative is to discourage visitors from publishing the announcement date, and in a few days, the film can be designed for planning. and delicious stories. I hope everyone will adore him. "In addition to Tahsan musician, the heroine from Calcutta Shrubanti and the child of the artist Rise," Ek Din ", were played by numerous actors like Taskin Rahman, Saberi Alam, Fakhrul Bashar Masum, M or Bashar and others. Hridayey Khan, Imran and Naveed Parvez have created songs for the film. Two songs "Parab Na Tera Hain" and "Lakshyasona" are excited. Both were praised. In fact, this is the first feature film in which Taasan appeared. On the other hand, Srabanti played in the joint production of the film, but this is his first work in Dhaligad.

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