Devlin's Song & Khelaghar & # 39; near Paoli Baishakh


Debalina takes a scene of the Khelaghar song Photo: Collected

The song "Kya Hawaey Matatalo" was produced & # 39; from the album & # 39; Khelhargar & # 39; Debalina Tune & # 39 ;. A music video of Gunawalar's YouTube channel was released on Friday alongside Paoli Baishakh.

Filming is in Bolivia, Khowai Hat, Shalban and Shatal Palley in Santiniketan. The song of Rabindranath Tagore 'Khelaghar bhande togege' played Debalina, who sang this song of Indian Ranjoy Bhattacharya.

The artist Debalina Sur said about the song, "I was inspired by the audience's enthusiasm following the release of the music video of the album" Kya Hawaay Mataalo "by Rabindra Sangit from the movie" What is the Wonders of Wonder ".

So do another song from the album. I'm a student of Rabindra Sangit from Bhabharati University Music Bhaban in Santiniketan. What memory surrounds this place. If I go back to work, I returned to those days.

Suman Saha directed the Khelaghar gesture. They were shot by Athan Sara and Ajit Maiti. Devlin said that the song will be broadcast in private television channels, including "Akash" in India.


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