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President-elect Alikadam visited the Parishad district of Bandarban. Two images of an autochthonous woman Mro with Abul Kalam spread through the Internet with the virus. The criticism of the film is criticized by the social media.

The excluded leader of the BNP and the newly elected President Upon Mohammad claimed that the opposition is spreading innocent images of evil people with evil intentions. Abul Kalam It should be noted that after being excluded from the decision of the party, he was excluded from the BNP as a candidate for the elections by the parishad.

Sunday won the election. Abul Kalam went to Maro Adivasa Paraya reception. Two photos of the receiving program were distributed over the Internet. This can be seen in the picture, Md. Abul Kalam receives a woman Mro with a wreath on the neck. At that time, the women of the Mara were seen to express their offenses.

However, Abul Kalam still forced him to take a photo.

About this, Abul Kalam said: "Adivasis received a reception in the village, so I took pictures with men, this girl is my daughter. I do not see any objections to such paintings with him." Opponents spread the evil on the subject with evil motives.

Meanwhile, critics on Facebook argue that the newly elected president of the autochthonous population of Muro was given the opportunity of simplicity. Abul Kalam accepted an inappropriate picture of anecdotes and women.

They said that one person can never embrace such a woman. This is the indecisiveness and lack of women's society.


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