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Answering the last day of the second day of Sylhet Test on Zimbabwe's 282 run, Bangladesh was hit at 143 speeds. Tourists have 139 leaders

The misunderstanding ran away with Abu Zayed

The decision to pull the ball into the square part of the ball is Ariful-Zayed in a bad state. They both left the crease. At the end of the non-offensive end, Taylor pulled the ball off. The pacer easily broke the wicket. Zayed out of the match The first innings of the Tigers are about to finish

Nazmul returned from the catch at the dumb point

Nazmul Islam Dad was the target of survival of the wicket. But Sikandar Raja was intelligent and he was back. The offspinner sphere was Fultus. Any batsman can get four if you want. But Nazmul used conservative tactics when he was in danger. Bangladesh has lost the 9th passage with immediate effect.

Raja's second victim is Taijul

Taijul wanted Ariful to join the team for crises. But Sikandar Raja did not let him do this. He pulled out of his puddle, left the bat and handed his left hand to the wagon.

Williams said Miraj's resistance was interrupted

Mehdi Hassan Miraj prevented the team from leading the top after the break. 33 runs in 33 balls with his right hand running 21 Arif moved with the ball. But the replacement Shawn Williams left the footstep to fill the ball while in danger. A little extra jumping ball could not play properly. On the edge of the bat, the easy return will catch Williams. At that time, the Bangladeshi tracks were from 108 out of 108.

Century Bangladesh

At 34.5, the team reached 100 runs in the calamity disaster. At that time Ariful Haque and Mehdi Hasan Miraj were in the crease. They look good for the seventh passers. The Tigers team lost 6 wins in the first inning.

Mushfiqur returned to the position

The team was often in trouble. I tried again to do it again. But Mushfiqur Rahim did not know Sylhet Sunday. Kyle Jarvis In-Swinger could not read the tea break. The ball was hit by the ball at Rezis Chakawar's glove. Earlier, Mushfiqur made 54 of 54 balls with 31 goals.

Mominul returned to the queue of the king

Mominul Haque tried to capture the Bangladeshi team in a rush attack. But Sikander Raza spin a fortune, returning to the right gate. Miminul could not cut the ball out of the stump just like he did. The bad shot badly played. The bats easily catch the hip, Hamilton's Masakada, at the slip. Left-handed batsman Left-handed batsman Miminul scored 11 runs in 38 balls. His 30th, Fifth Density was broken with Mushfiq.

Mahmudullah could not help

Mahmudullah Riyad took some time to catch the party's impetus. But Captain Captain had two bullets facing the victim. The right handler could not open the Sylhet tournaments on Sunday. He continued to play ball outside the Chetara harbor.

They will not rest again

Long time later, he did not prove himself returning to XI. Testing but Nazmul Hossain Shanto The left-handed batsman on Sunday's Sylhet Test teamed the ball at the risk of a team and continued the game. The featherhead's life touched the mob's hand. The first final did not release. But the Zimbabwean Review had to return to it with four runs.

Liton let go of the wickets

Liton paused for no reason, except for Kyle Jarvis The right-wing man called himself a danger. The ball went straight to the wicketkeeper Chakaway Gloves. Previously, Liton's 9th goal was started from 9 out of 25 and 1 out of 4.

Imrul returns to the beginning

Imrul listened after lunch after listening. But in the fourth quarter of the innings, he was in danger of throwing the fifth ball off-cump off Chetan. His left hand pulled back from the inner edge and kicked it. Earlier, Imrul remained at the top of the race and reached 5 races during 13 races. Bangladesh's running at this time was 4.

Zimbabwe rose to 282 races

Zimbabwe named the blow unit again on Sunday, 236 of the 5 wickets per day. Chakabo and Peter Moore's sixth passage went well with the tourists. But before the end of the first hour, Taizul hit the guest. Bangladesh has returned to relief. Then left the left-handed hammer in a difficult test. One walker one after the other. At the end of its magical form (6/108) only 282 are behind Zimbabwe.

Taijul 5 wickets

Three and a half years after returning to Kyle Jarvis, he received five test posts. Jarvis wanted to blow the ball in the second half of the second day of Sylhet Test. I could not play the shot. Mehedi Hasan Miraj jerked on the edge of the bat slipped. Taizul took five fencers for the fourth time in this test, and secondly against Zimbabwe.

Najmul's second victim is Mabhuta

Nazmul Islam Dad, the second victim returned to Maupta in the first inning of Sylhet Body. The Mavuata wanted to stop the left-hand spinning straight ball. But LBW missed the ball line. He returned three races before returning. At that time Zimbabwe collected 273 on 8 tiles.

Fourth victim of Taijul was Wellington Masakadza

Zimbabwe will miss the passage on the second day after the first show of the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. The anchored Wellington Masakada wanted Taijul to play with his leg. But he could not make the ball in the right direction. Mushfiqur Rahim is behind the wicket, the light catch is touched by the feather. Wellington returned to four rounds in 28 rounds. At that time, Zimbabwe collected 6 crossings in 110 passes and 269 flights in 7 passages.

Taijul returned to the wheel of peace

Zimbabwe Zuababi's pacifier Nazmul Hossain Shan's fortune was broken by Nazmul Hossain Captain Shant, his short leg caught deeply. He could not catch it at the beginning. But cover the body well. After holding the ball, the ball stuck with the two legs. The 60-person partnership broke the catch. Previously, Chiracova scored 28 runs with two quadruple 85 balls. At that time, tourists gathered 261 wickets with 103 overcalls, 261 races.

Murray is the fourth half-century

Peter Moore plays the best responsibility. The right-hand man has picked up the right handed fourth half-century

Moore, who gained half a century of Taunul Islam, achieved 145 races. The right handed bout test saw three and a half hours of wrinkles. At that time, his bat was six to four.

Bangladesh quickly revamps Zimbabwe

Bangladesh could not endure the gateway to Zimbabwe on the first day of the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium's formation test. Peter Moore-Razis Chakwa Chakwa played the climber of celestial team, more accurately played. But the Tigers do not want to get on the second day of Sunday. The fast migration is designed for the hosts. 320 can be.

At the end of the first day

Zimbabwe: 236/5 91 hits (Moore 37 *, Chakabva 20 *, Abu Zayed 18-3-61-1, Taijul 27-3-86-2, Help 19-5-42-1, Mahmudullah 2-0-2 -1)

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