Avril is just news


Employed Reporter | November 16, 018, Friday, 8:40

Jannatul Naeem Abril Miss World Bangladesh took note of the competition. From the very beginning, it is giving birth to discussion and criticism. He participated in this competition, especially after the wedding. After that, the critic began with him. He does not regret this during that time. Being a victim of childhood marriage, he said. He later told different press agencies that he would work for the prevention of marriage. But there is no such activity in this respect. In this context, he recently told Avril that I would definitely try to prevent a child's wedding. But now I want to do a little more about me. My journey is gone for days. If I can not stay right, then I will not be able to work. When it starts
I did not give Abril to come to a small house through a drama titled "It's So Love". However, his dream or surround the film. Comes with Shakib Khan. This information was reported by several media. In August, he told Manjamin, Shakib, in October, will stand in front of the camera film, with the movie "Drugs" with another hero. But he did not say anything about the picture. It was not possible to communicate from Abril to October. It does not accept a mobile phone. It is not known whether his picture started or not. Many people say that it is difficult to talk about each subject at the same time. However, many showbizs also talked about Avril's expectations. Many people have commented that this unwanted desire can show itself in a better position in the media.


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