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Legendary filmmaker Amjad Hossain was present today on the life support of the Implus Hospital in Tejgaon's capital with the brain. He confirmed a little earlier that his son, actor and producer Sohel Armaan, he said when I realized that his father could not move his hand. Then he was brought to the hospital. The doctor then said that the father had a stroke. Father's physical condition is not good. So he stayed in life support. Dr. It is known that he is under the control of Shahidullah Sabu. Sohel Arman said: "I want to pray to all people that Allah will heal our father in a healthy way." I do not make a mistake in my efforts as a child. It should be noted that Amjad Hossain was born on 14 August 1942 in Jamalpur. From his childhood, his literary practice began. He came to Dako in the 1950s and was involved in literature and dramatization. Initially he appeared in the film "Tera Maara", led by Pabin son Sin Mohiuddin. Soon after, he played with Mustafa Dino, directed by Mustafis. But the next story is completely different. Bhaighar's child, Salahuddin, made a film about Shatpatt by Amjad Hossain. Amzad Hossain was a hero. Then Amjad Hossain began working in Zahir Raihan's unit. In 1967, he gave his films a long time. The name "Julekha" Then, together with Nurul Haque Bachch, "The Two Brothers" was created. His directors include "Baba Bondhu", "Pataaputra", "Earth with this", "Bengali face", "Nayanmoni", "Pinki now train", "Sundari", "Butcher", "Born from birth" Sachinarnaja vojna, Bhat de, Hiramati, Pranman, Lepa nevesta, Tomorrow morning, Gulabi, now in Dhaka, Pinki, now in the account, etc. In 1978, Guni received the National Film Award for the film "Gulabi Now Train" in 1978 and the film "Bhat Dey" in 1984.

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