A six-storey building collapsed in the capital


The six-storey building on the other side of the Khobi Market in the Balonghata Cantonment area was leaning over the second building.

On Sunday, at 11 pm, two fire brigades broke into place and safely assembled all the inhabitants of the building.

The personnel of the fire service, who participated in the rescue operation, said that there were no casualties in the incident.

The DAD Niraj Ahmed from the Kurmitol Fire Station said that the Waalak building on the north side is leaning towards the other eight storey building. After hearing the news, the firemen demanded from people to come with hand luggage.

Witnesses said that the six-bed residential building was torn from the afternoon. Later, on Sunday, the employees of Kurmitol Fire Station went to work around 11 pm on Sunday.

Currently, entry into the building is closed. The next decision will be taken after an expert review on Monday morning.


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