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The BBC said that he was in the port when the passengers were dramatically rescued. In the bad weather, the rescuers brought about 500 people.

After restarting the engine, the rescue operation was stopped and, with the help of several tugs, it slowly reached the port in Molde.

The Norwegian Sea Rescue Agency previously reported that the message was sent to MV Viking Sky, which was damaged during high waves and strong winds. Five helicopters and several ships were involved in the rescue.

About 14h local time, the news of a passenger ship accident was initially in a crisis in the sea due to severe waves in the sea. The authorities have decided to rescue them without leaving the rider.

After the solution, the ship managed to start the engine and the news came from various sources as the news progressed.

The passenger of the ship, John Curry, told the state media, NRK, "While we were taking lunch, we began to eat shaking, in which windows were broken and the water entered. There was extreme chaos."

He said: "I'll try to forget about a rescue trip with a helicopter. It was not fun."

Others survived Janet Jacob, who was found to have never seen anything so horrible, he said. Traveling with the helicopter was also terrible, he said.

He told Oppenposten: "It could be disastrous again." "If the ship could not stop the anchor, the ship could have pushed the rock," he said.

It is possible to bring 155 passengers in the local time to the shore for 10 to 40 minutes. 20 people were injured in the vessel. Most passengers are British and American.

Organizations that were saved from the sea said that the ship could be kept stable. The Norwegian meteorological institute says some waves are more than 10 meters high. Some lifeboats were forced to return to the ship due to a stormy wave, says a local newspaper.


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