11 years old Sidr: Still waiting for the beloved person


Padma Rani, wife of Baidy's wife Khokrali Jailpara in the city of Sathira and her two children, the sea and Tufan, were waiting for him to lose Sidde. Photo: NTV

The storm cyclone Sider today hit the coastal area in 2007. Even after 11 years of this event, relatives do not wait for the end. Their tears do not dry. Padma Rani, wife of Baidy's wife Khokrala and her two sons, Sagar and Tufan's eyes, are still waiting for water in the heart of the heart. That day they can return to the sea to their people

This is the year since 15 November 2007. Fishermen who returned with their lives still remember memories of saving lives from swimming in the sea for three days in the sea.

Ratan Baidya of Kurukhaly and his son, Buoy, went to a fishing boat in the seawater caught in a donation taken from Mahajan. When Ratan Vaidya survived the life of Sidr, he lost his life forever, and his son Baidh Baidya lost his life. Ratan Baidya and his wife Shanti Rani still carry their son's son. The wife of Padma Rani was waiting for her husband in her womb.

In the meantime, Talla, who fought for a confirmed death in the sea of ​​floating drums, fought deadly and recalled the incident of Mentua and Uttama Siddi of Maloparara, who said that Sidar's father and his wife Kavita Gaur Haldar and the greeting tomb Ajita Haldar Must have seen in the eyes.

On the Cholapetua River Padmapukura in Shyamnagar in Shyamnagar, Sathira rescued to save his father Ibrahim. Salil was buried in the house by the boy Ayub Ali.

In addition to fishing in seawater, 23 people Sathire, who worked in various places like Barguna, Patuakhali, Piroipur, Bagerhat, Dubalar Char, Alkarkol, lost their lives in the Sidorian Sea.

While they are working outside the district, there is no strong force in Sattar, but in the case of Tolle Ajit, Gaur, Govinda, Kurikahania and Srećurje Amirul and Lavl, the stars Barodol, Lutfar Rahman, Rasid, Lalu Haldar, Saidur Rahman, Abdul, Najibul, Firoza, Anarul , Ayesha, Dothnakhali Afsar, Barakpotov Shamim Hossain, Khokon Rajbangshi and many others left the life-lamp. No one of their bodies was found, anyone, or even today, disappears. It will be remembered on November 15th.


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