Friday , October 22 2021

1 killed in a traffic accident in Gopalgan across the country


1 killed in a traffic accident in Gopalgan

A young man named Limon Munshi, 25, was killed in a car accident near the Gopalganj and Mahindra buses. More than 4 people were wounded. The accident happened Sunday morning in front of the Gimadanga firefighter on the Gopalganj-Tungipara road under the Tungipar district.

He was identified as Limon Munshi, son of Momarez Munshi from the village of Mithla from the Jalalabad Union under Gopalganj Sadar. He worked as a security worker at the Rupali Bank Tungipara branch.

Police station Tungipara SI Ahmaduzzaman said that five people were wounded in confrontation with Mahindra, who came from the opposite direction when the Golden Line Transit bus, which stayed from Tungipara, reached Gimadanga. When they were saved in the Tungipara Health Complex, Limon died there. Damaged boy, Animas Basu, office assistant of the Tungipara Health Resort Complex, Khulni was sent as aunt. The injured were admitted to the medical complex Tungipara Upazila.

Limon's body is at Tungipara Hospital, he said SI Ahaduzzaman.

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