1 killed in a gas leak explosion, burned down to 6


Daka: One died in the desert because of the gas leak in Dhalpur, Jatrabari in the capital. Six people, including four from the same family, were killed in an accident in the wake of death.

The accident happened on Friday (November 16th) at 8.30.

The identity of the deceased is still known. The victims are Sumon (40), his wife Sajuli (35), their son Nishan (14) and Fupu Atar Begum (70) and Alamgir (30) and his wife Kazuli (24), the tenant of the same building.

The victims were admitted to the burning unit of the Dhaka Hospital (DMCH).

The fire service and civil defense service Rashed Shikder said that firefighters sent four units on site. But before we go, the fire goes out. Leaving gas was there. An explosion from the accumulated gas. One person was executed in an explosion.

Jatirabari Thana Deputy (OC) Kazi Wazed Ali said that they are living in the Dhalpur City Corporation. They worked as clean shifts in the city corporation. We're trying to figure out the identity of the deceased.

Bangladesh Time: 1007 Hours, 16 November, 018


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