Monday , January 18 2021


Top 3 safe alternatives WhatsApp

Exclusive technology news about applications: Infograph: 3 best secure alternatives for WhatsApp News source – technology – 24 applications with news details Infograph: 3 best secure alternatives for WhatsApp: New technology and …

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Corona doubles the pressure on the disabled

The Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities, in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation, organized a lecture on psychological awareness entitled “Mental Health for People with Disabilities and …

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A friend of his wife, Tamer Hosni, reveals the secret of Basma Bousil’s desire to divorce him

Mix GMT 18:02 Join Date 08.01.2021(Updated GMT 18:12 (08.01.2021) Copy the link Arabic – news, opinions and radio Sputnik Satellite AA-% D8% AF% D9% 88% D9% 86-% D8% …

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A new record for Bitcoin at $ 38,000

Bitcoin, which traded the most in the digital currency on Thursday, hit a record close to $ 38,000 due to increased investor interest. According to Bloomberg Network, the digital currency recorded $ …

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