Tyrolean Shintian Thief in Florida caught the Sheriff DiePresse.com


Tyrol in the US state of Florida has contributed to the strengthening of the stereotype of Austria: according to media reports, the 23-year-old sheriff in the coastal town of Cape Coral caught the sheriff after spill over into the Oktoberfest police junction and drove across the šnitzel. He elegantly wore leather pants.

On October 27, the Fort Myers Beach Guesthouse was invited to Oktoberfest. Apparently, patriotic Tyrolean is still eager for the package. He told the 23-year-old that he had crossed Schnitzel. Generally, meat worth $ 75 (65.63 euros) would be forgiven because it was partially eaten, it was said.

A 22-year-old police officer who worked at the Oktoberfest for Security and graduated at 1.40 in his review, entered the Ornith Schnitzel 23 years ago. Tyrolean wanted to escape himself, but he was caught by the sheriff.

The young man should wear a blue-green shirt and brown leather pants. It is identified by the Austrian driving license. At the end of November, the 23-year-old, who was released for $ 8,000, was responsible for the burglary, theft and property damage.



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