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Déjà-vu in Saarland: Exactly one year after the premiere, Commissioners Hölzer and Schürk are re-investigating on Easter Monday at the ARD. Whether it’s worth seeing you again can be found out in Marek’s review of the “Lord of the Forest” episode “Tatort”.

Which commissioners are investigating the “Lord of the Forest” at the “crime scene” today?

Adam Schürk was abused by his father as a child until his best friend Leo Hölzer finished rehearsals. Tirana was beaten in a coma and disappeared. Fifteen years after the silenced act, the boys became independent commissioners, who are now expected to work together. At the moment of their reunion, Adam’s father wakes up from a coma. Isn’t that enough? Well, Leo also suffers a gun jam, so he put his ex-partner in mortal danger and is therefore unpopular at the police station. A story taken from real life, only in this universe 1. FC Saarbrücken Champions League winner and French King Oscar Lafontaine.

Actors Vladimir Burlakov and Daniel Sträßer are responsible for the fact that the unheard-of constellation did not collapse after a few minutes exactly one year ago, and they only need a few glances to create tension with their fresh faces. You never know whether they will fall around their necks or be brutally beaten, giving their “crime scene” unpredictability, which is its biggest attraction. This is also true of the duo’s second mission, but unlike its predecessor, the actual crime story of the overloaded wheelchair cannot pull it out of the Saar this time.

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What is “Tatort” “Lord of the Forest” talking about today?

In the middle of the forest, a Saarland jogger finds the body of a young girl. The student’s body was pierced by an arrow and a comma was stuck in her mouth, indicating a ritual murder. However, a few suspects are also in the personal environment of the victim, especially since the teenager had a busy love life.

Investigators test themselves in their daily police work, but suddenly Adam Schürk’s increasingly skilful father stands in front of the police station door and claims to know the real culprit. Then he tears up the “crime scene.”

Standing in the woods and looking angry: Saarbrücken police at work. © SR / Manuela Meyer

Marek’s critique of the “end of crime”: overburdened construction fails

A year ago, a gripping chronicle of a horrific war crime saved Schirk and Hölzer’s debut, this time the Saar miracle doesn’t exist. While author Hendrick Hölzemann was already burdening his heroes with an overly heavy package, he actually separated the criminal case from the private sensitivity of the inspectors, except for the general issue of guilt and forgiveness, thus safely navigating his ship into port despite the massive waves. Unfortunately, this trick is not used by his successor, which makes the forest lord almost grotesque.

The latest Saarbrücken “Tatort” is played brilliantly and has more speed and excitement than all the episodes with predecessor David Striesow. Torsten Michaelis himself as an abyss of evil despot is stunning and can now be confidently written as synonymous with the ideal cast in Duden. But no matter how hard everyone is involved, no later than the first half of the film, the increasingly complex complications and coincidences cause the fragile frame to collapse spectacularly. Unfortunately, it is doubtful whether Schirk and Hölzer will be able to recover from this in the near future, after all, their shared past is unlikely to be erased from their “crime scene”.

The episode “Tatort” “Lord of the Forest” will air today, Monday, April 5, 2021 will be on the ARD schedule at 8.15pm and will then be available in the media library for six months as a recurrence in progress.

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