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The US is anticipating an antitrust investigation by online corporations


The US government has announced a comprehensive investigation into the competitive practices of large corporations. If violations of the law are discovered, we will "act accordingly," he said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday. Questions about behavior behavior, social media and some retail services will be asked.

Specific companies were not mentioned. However, the Wall Street Journal, citing ministries, reports that Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple should be viewed, among other things. Shares of companies fell in trading by hours. Company reviews were not available.

He wants to address the concerns of consumers and entrepreneurs, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Justice. The question was how the platforms would achieve their market power and whether they slowed down on innovations and harmed consumers. The European Commission has been running procedures against the competition of Google's and Amazon's online giants for a long time. The US authorities have already been accused on several occasions for being too loose in their own technology companies.

The start of a competitive investigation by the government of US President Donald Trump has a political connotation. President Donald Trump accuses Facebook and Google of repressing votes from the conservative camp. The Silicon Valley is traditionally mostly liberal. An anti-trust investigation of the presidential campaign for 2020 could increase pressure on the platforms to support Trump supporters. Amazon was also often the target of Trump's attacks. The founder and head of Amazon Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post newspaper, which is critical of Trump.

Source: Apa / Reuters

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