The most healthy blood is actually vegan!


With Vegan diet you get a better blood concentration

Do vegans really have healthier blood? Plant diets have been popular for years. After a recent study at Loma Linda University in California, the consumption of vegan food in the future was a good choice, as researchers could prove that vegan diet significantly improved the blood picture.

Plant nutrition protects against chronic inflammatory diseases

Many people are already vegetarian or even vegan. By keeping meat and dairy products, of course, we consume a lot more vegetables, fruits and nuts. The advantage of this is the improvement in the supply of nutrients and fibers. Thanks to phytochemicals (such as lignans, isoflavones, flavonoids and carotenoids), many plant foods have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that increase the concentration of antioxidants in the blood, protect them against cell damage and chronic diseases.

The latest study from the California Public Health University, Loma Linda, was the highest quality. The researchers examined different blood levels in 840 participants studying with various diets. (Image: Henrik Dolle /

The risk for cancer is reduced

Those who enjoy heavily reduced animal foods in their diets so clearly reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer. In addition, vegetarians and vegans are less likely to develop diabetes, and diet on a plant-based basis helps to better control the disease.

Weight loss is simplified

In Wusch we would lose a few pounds of people who are kept on a plant-based basis, also clearly in the advantage. Consequently, diseases associated with obesity are reduced.

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Great study

Researchers at a recent study by Loma Linda University of Public Health are concerned with the question of how to show the benefits of plant nutrition on blood, urine and tissue. The results were published in February of the Journal of Nutrition.

The number of participants in the study was 840 people divided into various diets:

  • vegani,
  • These-lacto-vegetarians,
  • PESCO-Vegetarians,
  • Semi-vegetarians
  • and normal nutritionists.

All participants regularly took blood, urine and fat tissue samples. Samples were analyzed for different markers, including isoflavonoids, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids and saturated fats, and vitamins.

The result of the study – Vegans have the best levels in the blood

The research team came to the conclusion that vegans among the participants have the highest marks of those markers that are considered to be preventively effective and therefore prevent disease. In addition, the vegans also had the highest amount of omega-6 and omega-3, but the lowest level of saturated fats. This is followed by to-lacto-vegetarians and pesco-vegetarians who could not fully associate themselves with the values ​​of vegans.

Improper meat consumption does not have better blood concentrations

Interestingly, half-vegetarians were no better than people who regularly eat meat. However, the study showed that plant-based diet clearly improves blood levels. This should be an incentive to change the diet in order to live healthier and thus to prevent disease. (Fm)


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