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The first country bans the hype application TikTok – Multimedia

The Chinese video application TikTok, the continuation of, has disappeared from the Google Play store in India. This, after the Indian government ordered Google and Apple to block the application. The reason for this is concern about pornographic content. Although the app is still available in the Apple Store, anyone who has already installed it on the Android device can continue to use it, but you can no longer download it from the Play Store.


Do you use the TikTok application?

The neighboring country of Bangladesh has already banned this application. In the US, the creators of the application have 5.7 million heavy buses on the neck, as the application illegally collects data on minors.

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About 500 million people worldwide use TikTok. Of this, only 120 million are in India. On TikTok, you can upload and edit videos that are mostly longer than 15 seconds. Many users are still in childhood or teenage years.

Always more negative addresses

Now TikTok has filed a complaint to the Supreme Court in India. According to Guardian, TikTok said on Tuesday, "we are trusting the Indian judicial system and we are optimistic that we will reach an agreement that will attract all 120 million users in India." In addition, the Chinese Byedance company, owned by TikTok, said it would do more to ensure the content of its platform safe and positive.

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TikTok has achieved increasingly negative titles in India. For example, a man in Delhi accidentally shot a friend while taking a videotape for a ramp that also contained a gun. In the second case, a man shot another man with domestic weapons, which unexpectedly began. They also wanted to record a TikTok video.

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