Star Citizen: Planet Hurston and Free-Fly event next week; Crowdfunding exceeds $ 200 million


Cloud Imperium Games will expand the Persistent Universe Star Citizen (Alpha 3.3.5) with Hurston Planet next week. Hurston was introduced to CitizenCon on October 10, 2018, and is a big planet that includes thousands of miles of playgrounds with more than five different biomes, including urban landscapes, saunas, tundra trees, mountains and shores. Lorville, the city's core of the planet, will also be accessible. In Lorville, players can expect a densely populated city and a "New Deal" ship – where you can buy all the gaming ships with the currency in the game.

As appropriate, from November 23 to December 1, 2018, "Free-Fly-Event" will take place. All interested players can view Star Citizen free of charge and test some pre-integrated space ships daily (more than 80) every day. Here you can create a Star Citizen book for "Persistent Universe".

Each spacecraft manufacturer will provide a complete team for its 24-hour "test flight" within its game. The manufacturer changes from day to day. Here you can find a list and a schedule of available space ships. At Free-Fly-Event, you can also check 30 different types of missions and visit eight months.

The population of Star Citizen has now crushed an audio barrier to $ 200 million. More than 2.12 million people now support Chris Roberts' ambitious space game.

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