Saturday , July 24 2021

Spectacular last trip: Boeing 747 crossed the highway

The transportation was smooth, said Corendon Village operator and new owners of the old Boeing on Saturday. On Sunday, the final station must be a nearby hotel. There, a giant plane is set up in the garden and extended as an attraction for visitors.

On a multi-day trip, Boeing will cross 17 channels, 15 pastures and more bridges. The hotel transport cost millions of euros and a lot of headaches, the director of the Atilay Uslu Hotel in Holland said. "We paid farmers for the use of pastures, we received countless permits and we had transport costs."

In April last year, Czech Ilyuschin IL 62 was transported by road to Graz. The discarded machine was lifted to the roof of the hotel, as was also "delivered" to the Boeing 727-200 in May. Both planes serve as location events.

apa / dpa

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