Shock: a large number of hunger and suicide attempts


16.11.2018 12.19

Online since today, 12.19

The desperate situation in custody now shows the response to the parliamentary request of the list of mushrooms (LP), which is the Ministry of the Interior. From 2013, at least 3.637 hunger and 58 suicide attempts are considered.

During the required period, 18,033 people were detained, far away, which were generally more than 13,000 in Vienna-Hernalser Gürtel police center, which recently became famous for the large fire caused by prisoners.

Use in Vordernberg at 68 percent

A lot fewer people were settled in Vordernberg, modern and partly due to costs that are not an undisputed Styrian detention center. There was an average of at least 68 percent spending there. By comparison: in 2016, only 22 percent were.

According to the latest available data from 2017, the cost of the detention centers and the day of detention was around 273 euros. In any case, the center in Vordernberg must continue to exist. According to the response of the inquiry, the Minister of the Interior, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), does not intend to change the purpose of the building.

The number of frauds is extremely high, in 2013 it was more than 1,060, compared to 884 in the previous year. As with almost all statistics, a particularly strong stopover center on Hernalser Gürtel obviously led. Among those who do not want to eat, Algeria, Nigeria and Moroccan are at the top.

A critique of a lack of psychological support

The mandate of LP Alma Zadić was criticized by the Ministry of the Interior because it did not provide adequate psychological support – neither for prisoners nor for personnel. It is particularly shocking that among those who tried suicide were also under the age of 18. The case called for the extension of detention statistics.


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