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[Review] Intruders: hiding and searching – GAMEtainment


A small Spanish developer, Tessera Studios, has a theme all the way to the company in its first project. v Intruders: Hide and seekwho initially performed exclusively for Playstation 4, was attacked by the family of invaders, flooded parents and persecuted children through the house. Daedalic Entertainment has allowed us to have a close look at a psycho game that can also be played in VR before it was released on February 13, 2019. The result in this test also applies exclusively to VR mode.

At the beginning of the game we meet the Richter family, which is currently driving home. The family consists of two parents, a 13-year-old Ben, whose role is one Intruders: Hide and seek takes over and his little sister. The house has just been restored, which soon turned out to be a "panic room". And it seems, at the right time – because just this night, three strangers get into the remote estate of the Richter family and take their parents into captivity. While Ben's sister is accompanying a scene in a panic-screened room, she leads her brother through a walkie-talkie through the house to inform the police or escape in any other way.

Intrusion is a hiding place

At first, everything in the family is still a healthy world. From Ben's perspective, you can explore the house for free and do a little job for your parents. This is also a tutorial, which is not very extensive, as control is self-evident. Ben plays a hiding place with his younger sister, so you get to know the main part of the game. In the best "Metal Gear Solid" man, they sneak through the house – and, if possible, without being discovered. Later, when the attackers began to live, playing is always the same. Ben gets a clue at which point in the house he finds the next point of the trigger and now he has to try to get past the thief at this point. There and there are cabinets, beds and other ways to hide and not to discover.

Intrusion is a hiding place

One of these hiding places should be reached as quickly as possible if discovered by one of the three criminals traveling around the house. If you hide yourself, you still need to partially monitor the heartbeat in the hiding place with DualShock-Controller, intruders controlled exclusively, shaking at the right moment. If you fail to get into one of the hiding places quickly, you get a punch or a punch, the screen turns black and the download screen appears.

Intrusion is a hiding place

This may sound to some people a bit monotonous while you are reading, but since you are Intruders: Hide and seek practically lasting, not so. And that's what makes these psycho-games out. The atmosphere could not be more tense and oppressive. Continuously mirror around corners or furniture if one of the intruders is nearby.
Should she run, walk or just go down? But you may be too slow!
Do you need to turn on the small lamp that Ben carries with you and look for traces in a dark house? But maybe you'll see it faster!
Feel helpless, alone and permanently endangered and this is very nerve-borne. Smartly placed small moments of terror make this effect remarkably strong. And acoustics does everything else to make you feel uncomfortable.

Intrusion is a hiding place

Technically Intruders: Hide and seek very well done. The infamous blinking edge in VR mode is practically absent – only German subtitles with an English spoken conversation show light blocks. In addition, there are all sorts of virtual reality locomotive tuning options, so even the motion sickness gamers should get their money worth it. By the way, you can also play the game without VR glasses on TV – who wants it?

Intruders: Hide and seek is a completely new, claustrophobic experience. The very idea of ​​persecution as a little boy with violent intruders in your home is bad enough – and here the whole thing can be experienced first hand. Through the implementation in VR, the feeling of anxiety and fear goes deeper into the brain of a player.
Intruders: Hide and seek It's a very big (psycho) cinema!

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Intruders: Hide and seek


  • New gaming experience
  • Not for the weak
  • Many VR options
  • Clean VR graphics
  • A great soundtrack


  • Not for the weak

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