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Raiders with spectacle – News


With an incredible offensive spectacle, Swarco Raiders Tirol retained its "White News" and is just another victory from the perfect season. Innsbruck had in the semi-finals of the Austrian Football League (AFL) for the exciting play and enthusiasm of enthusiasts at the Tivoli Stadium against the Danube. In addition, the Raiders retained the victory over the dragons for their seventh title and the repetition of the previous year's coup. In the last five years, there would also be a fourth championship for Tyrol. The 35th Austrian Bowl will be held on July 27th at NV Arena in St. Pölten. There, the team of Innsbruck meets with the winner of the match Dacia Vikings against Prague Black Panthers.

Coach Shuana Fataha continued with about 3,000 fans in an impressive series. Cross-competition was the performance against the Danube dragons who qualified for the semi-final round of the wild card against the Spielberg Graz Giants project, a 15th consecutive victory. This year, the winners won titles in the Central European Football League (CEFL) and the European Club Competition (ECTC), and "Man of the Game" in the semifinals was run by Sandro Platzgummer, who after the break reached three touchdowns. Viennese endzone. Dragons fought against favorites, although in the first quarter after the touchdown of Byron Rhone, which also led him three times to a traffic light, even briefly. The Dunajans fought again and again with one difference in the result, but in the end, the Tyrolians retained their advantage.

So the coach Raider was properly relieved. "It was an expected heavy game, a tight box." They played well and we did not play our best games. In the end, we won, this is the most important thing, "said the native German after the spectacle.

Special satisfaction with the progress of his group was satisfied with Fatah's colleague Stefan Pokorny. "Raiders are simply one of the best teams in Europe, and we've seen that we are getting stronger and that there are many good things ahead of us. We were close, but in the end it was not enough. I am proud of my team, we have done a lot," he said coach.

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