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So far, Playstation hit only the songs "Detroit: Become Human", "Beyond: Two Souls" and "Heavy Rain" come to the PC. This was announced by Epic Games ("Fortnite") in the context of GDC (Game Developers Conference). Titles are available exclusively in the Epic Games Store. What other games are meant exclusively for the new store and what this means for players, explained in our article.

Epic Games wants to get out of the throne Valve (Steam)

Those who buy games in digital form on a computer usually end up in the Steam Store. The valve ("Half-Life 2", "Dota 2") manages the platform and is the market leader. In recent years, many companies, including Microsoft and EA, have tried to compete with Valve, but with little success.

Epic Games ("Fortnite") has also tried to attack Valve for a number of weeks, to a large extent. The Fortnite manufacturers have secured some high-profile titles for a year, including the recently released "Metro: Exodus". Now Epic Games is much longer and has announced on the GDC a whole lot of other titles exclusively for their own store.

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Photo: Manufacturer

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Who wants to play "Metro: Exodus" on the computer, it must inevitably be bought at Epic Games StorePhoto: Manufacturer

Playstation titles find the way to your computer

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At GDC, Epic Games presented a list of future exclusive titles for their store, including the following:

  • "Detroit: Become a Man"
  • "Beyond: Two Souls"
  • "Strong rain"
  • "The Outside Worlds"
  • "Control"
  • "Name Fearless"
  • "Ancestors"
  • "Submersible site"
  • "Cycle"

The first three games were previously available exclusively for the Playstation. Although Quantic Dreams developers are one of the studios belonging to Sony, Playstation designers have the right to play ("Detroit" and "Beyond"). It is, therefore, quite surprising that both PC titles will appear.

Other exclusive titles in the Epic Games Store

  • "Satisfying"
  • "Phoenix Point"
  • "Had"
  • "Metro: Exodus"
  • "World War with"
  • "Pepel"
  • "Rebel Galaxy Outlaw"
  • "Travel"

The list includes exclusive digital games in Epic Games Store for PC, and most titles are also available for consoles.

PC players are divided

In addition to the Playstation games, the "The Outer Worlds" announcement for the Epic Games Store also reached great waves because the song was already ordered through Steam. "The Outsiders" is considered the next big Western game created by the creators of "Fallout: New Vegas".

Epic Games wants to win great customers with its exclusive offers and a free home address for every two weeks.

Some players complain that you need to install another program. Unlike Steam, Epic Games Store also does not have some useful features. Includes discussion forums for each game, customer reviews, and also with favorite playlists for multiplayer games.

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Photo: Manufacturer

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For the first time, it seems that the real competition for Steam (in the picture)Photo: Manufacturer

Epic Games has affected some players, as more than 40 percent of the company owns Tencent's Chinese company. Epic Games Store also checks, unsubscribed, data from Steam installations and Steam friends. Unwanted data collection is another reason why some players are critical of the new competitor Steam. Their frustration is a player on Twitter, in forums and on Youtube in the form of comments and negative opinions.

Many players, however, are unlikely, regardless of the store, glad that some Playstation hits will soon appear for the PC, including the classic "Journey".

Why are games appearing exclusively in the Epic Games Store?

There are several reasons for this: on the one hand Epic Games collects a significantly smaller share of sales revenue (compared to Valve on Steam). In Valve, developers usually need to give 30 percent, while Epic Games has only 12 percent.

For exclusive offers, Epic Games also pays a certain amount to the developer. Games are then available exclusively for one year only through the Epic Games Store and only then (optional) via Steam.


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