"Peter, Klaus – we are still friends"


"Peter, Klaus – we are still friends"

LINZ. Why the sports director ÖSV Hans Pum is now out of the hat.

Hans Pum (left), the youngest member of the ÖSV (Klaus Leistner / Center, Peter Schröcksnadel), draws his place. Image: GEPA

With his announcement that he had farewell to ÖSV in late July, long-term official Hans Pum surprised nearly all his followers on Thursday. In a conversation with OÖNachrichten, he interprets his motives Mühlviertler, who completed 65 years on 4 July.

OÖN You retained your early letter as ÖSV Sports Director for a long time mystery. What is the reason for this step?

Hans Pum: After the season, there were many analyzes and discussions, and things I can not stand by 100 percent. After all, my emotional feeling led me to this step in the end. This feeling has always left me in recent years, so this time.

Can you describe in detail the "things" that you mentioned?

No, these are internal decisions that I do not want to explain in detail. However, it is important to emphasize that nobody did anything to me. I'm not leaving because I'm angry at anyone. Peter (note: President Schröcksnadel / 77 years), Klaus (note: Secretary-General Leistner / 78) – We are still friends. On Thursday night, I had a good meal with Peter. I thank you for the trust that has always been shown at the Ski Association.

Does the correspondence thing in Seefeld have nothing to do with your decision?

No, not at all. I have to admit that this thing brought me a sleepless night, but not why I am now leaving ÖSV. By the way, that's not easy for me. Skiing was my life.

In the context of the doping scandal, it was a criticism that you went as a sports director of ÖSV at a diving station.

I do not want to let this go. Markus Gandler (Note: Ex-ÖSV Director for Nordic) stood in front of him, the president wanted to be on the front because he did not need me. Besides, nobody asked me either. Journalists have my phone number, everyone could call me.

Retirement and Hans Pum, how does this fit together?

Currently not. By the end of July I have enough work to do in ÖSV. And you can believe me: I'll go with full gas. And since August 1st I will be a pensioner, I will run away and finally dedicate myself to my family.

They have a close connection with the ÖVP and are already on the list of candidates for the Upper Austrian Landtag. Will the former director of ÖSV Hans Pum soon become a politician?

I'm not thinking about it right now.

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